Wednesday, July 23, 2008

perfect for rehearsing, and drinking

I bought a lovely dress for the rehearsal dinner today.
I can't wait to bowl up a storm in it. I also picked up our toasting flutes. My mom and I had been looking for vintage champagne glasses- the sherbet cup style, rather than the flute- but we got frustrated and threw in the towel. These have a lovely vintage flair and I will be happy to drink champagne out of it throughout our wedding night.


  1. the dress is gorgeous! i've been eyeing it myself.

    have we heard about this bowling rehearsal dinner? please share. i think the dress will be adorable with bowling shoes! :)

  2. The dress is so so pretty and I love the toasting flutes!

  3. LOVE the dress. Love it! Can I have it when your done ? ;)
    Oh and the flutes are pretty darm pretty too!

  4. i HAVE to ask - although someone may have straightened it out in one of the comments, you may be wearing bowling shoes - but...WHAT shoes are you wearing with that dress? i'm an anthro fuh-reak, and i bought the dress but have no clue what color shoe to wear with it?
    do tell...

  5. I have a feeling that bowling shoes go with anything ;), but I had not thought about what shoes to wear to the actual reception! I have yellow flats that match, but... meh. Maybe just silver?


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