Thursday, July 31, 2008

pretty little pleats

I was logging into Bloomingdales last night to do a little registry snooping (shhh!) and I got distracted by these-

Even though I finally settled on a shoe... I can still look- can't I?


  1. I LOVE these - great find! I wonder if I can get away with wearing them even if I'm not getting married?

  2. They call the color "champagne," so its not a stark white. I am sure you could pull them off! They come in black, too.

  3. Oh my! Those are fantastic. I was so thankful when I saw them, as I recently walked down the isle in reasonable priced shoes - that I had not need for them.

    And then I saw them in black...

  4. Of course you can look! Those are gorgeous!

  5. I've settled on many things but I still look...

    no harm right?

  6. Those are super cute, I saw them the other week. And I peak at my registry too, if it makes you feel better... :)


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