Wednesday, July 23, 2008

...sneaking back in...

The wedding craziness hit hard last week, rendering me unable to focus my thoughts into a tiny little blog post. We have moved in with my parents as we await the completion of our new home. Although my parents are wonderful, it has been a struggle trying to get organized in my old bedroom/their garage without taking over half the house. We have neither closed on our last condo nor the new home due to the buyers of our condo being total buttheads. I can't even begin to tell you how stressful this has been. We are 22 days out from when we were supposed to close. The market sucks and we can't do much about it, although our realtor just called to say that someone else wants to make an offer. Even if its a good offer, that still means delaying our close another 15 or more days. Don't these people know that I am getting married in less than six weeks!?! I need to start chanting my honeymoon mantra: Maui, Maui, Maui.... Ahh... better already.

Other than that, my invites are out, I have become obsessed with the previously neglected place card table, I have finalized my menu, moved our honeymoon up to right after the wedding, bought some gifts and am generally feeling back on track. My sister planned a wonderful bachelorette party for next weekend. My mom put together the most adorable western-themed shower invitation (more 'splaining on that, too!) I have, literally, 10 half-written posts in the hopper. They will be coming your way this week!

In the meantime, here is a picture of my mom's wedding-crap-covered dining room table. Sorry, mom! :)


  1. i feel your pain! we aren't as close to our wedding date, but are juggling the house and planning thing. i didn't know that stress could be like this!!

  2. hang in there! i can't believe it is six weeks away. just start dreaming about maui-- and feel free to ask for more maui recommendations when you're ready.

    things will fall into place. create a nice little timeline and budget your time.

  3. My wedding is on Sept 27th and that is exactly what my dining room table looks like- wedding central! I feel your pain. It will all work out great, hang in there!

  4. on a side note...beautiful dining room...I live in a condo so my ENTIRE house looks like that. =) (oh, and so does Mom's craft room!)


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