Tuesday, August 26, 2008

lara miller

My sister started working as an intern for Chicago designer Lara Miller last spring. She was getting paid in clothes, and brought home an adorable dress one day. With all the weddings that I attended this summer, I had my eye out for something comfortable and versatile that I could wear more than once. This one was perfect, because it was not only black and made of soft fabrics, I could wear it over and over again without wearing the same dress twice.

These are all "Erin."

And this is me in Erin at two different weddings. I don't have that many great pictures, but you get the idea.

I actually thought it would make a great bridesmaid dress. Lara uses natural products like bamboo and seaweed to construct her materials.

Elise told me that Lara had been entered in a contest on Ideablob. She is in the running to win $10,000 to help keep her business going, although she is planning on donating $2,000 from the proceeds for AIDS research. Please go check the contest and her Etsy site out. I love the idea of supporting a local designer, but her contribution to AIDS research and her adorable designs have really inspired me to vote.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

easiest craft project ever

I made our moss covered monogram last week. I think it literally took me 30 minutes, and that included hemming and hawing over all the little spots. I plan to hang these from the backs of our chairs at the reception. We need to make sure that we get great seats!

Step 1: Buy letters. There are instructions out there on how to make them out of styrofoam that also sound rediculously easy. You just trace and cut with a sharp knife. Or you can take my route and buy them at Paper Source.

Step 2: Buy moss. I bought sheet moss at Michaels, but then surprisingly found it cheaper at Smith and Hawken.

Step 3: Glue. I used Tacky Glue and just spread it all over with a paint brush.

Step 4: Apply moss. From one box of moss, I had enough to cover the top and sides of both letters. I literally just stuck the moss to the glue. I cut the excess off with a sharp knife, with the moss face down. Where the moss was thin, I wrapped it around the sides. Scissors also work well for a more finished edge.

Step 5: Let dry. I let it go 24 hours before I touched it. I had no reason for this, it just felt right :) I also covered them with hair spray at this point. I'm not sure if it did anything, but I thought I would include it.

Step 6: I filled in the gaps with a little extra moss and Tacky Glue.

Step 7: To Do: Wrap letters with fishing wire and tie off the top with ribbon. The fishing wire is on, but I am still looking for ribbon.


ellen and portia wed!

Sorry to post a grainy, trashy tabloid pic, but these two looked so gorgeous!

They were married in a very small ceremony at home. I hope we can get some better photos of that light pink dress on Portia. How exciting!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

the other love of my life, my invites

Now that the invites are out and RSVP's are streaming in, I can share the beautiful design from Margot of Atelier Isabey with my internet friends.

It KILLS me to blot part of that out.

Hello, Maisy! What a good girl.

I absolutely love them. I asked for vintage garden and Margot nailed it perfectly. We were even able to include a few very personal touches, such as the chandelier to match those hanging in Cafe Brauer and my little Maisy on the RSVP card.

Although I had (thank God) decided against making my own invites, I still had to sneak in a few handmade touches.

My mom, sister and I made the little fabric pockets to use as the inner envelope. My original plan was to buy muslin and stamp a monogram on the back, peeking out when you opened the outer envelope. When looking for muslin, my mom and I found this fabric at JoAnn's and thought it was perfect. We scrapped the stamp, but I might save that for a future party.

Jake made these sweet little map cards. He matched the colors perfectly with our invites.

And the calligraphy.

Please ignore the little smudge.

What a relief to have that all complete!

Friday, August 8, 2008

please join us for dinner and bowling

I showed off my RD dress and mentioned that we would be bowling, but I don't believe that I ever gave you the details. Jake and I had originally wanted to do pizza and beer. We were having a hard time finding a place with a room large enough to accommodate our group- and where we loved the pizza. We are pizza snobs. We are from Chicago, its in our genes.

After organizing a fundraiser for work at Southport Lanes in Chicago's Wrigleyville neighborhood, we changed our minds on the pizza idea. It is a little bar and restaurant which also has a private room with four small bowling lanes. It is totally old school with human pin setters. The pin setters love tips and they will either help or hurt your game based on the quality of your tipping (or if they think you are cute). These guys are hilarious. My stomach hurt from laughing and I had mascara running down my face. It is also in a great part of town that tourists don't normally get to see. Southport Avenue, between Belmont and Addison, is home to an awesome little strip of shops, restaurants and my favorite nail salon.

The food and the atmosphere are totally casual. The staff is also willing to accomodate our requests for a slideshow and a microphone for speeches. Its vintage look will also play well into our theme. I can't wait to have all that quality time with my family before the wedding. My only fear is that I will be up all night laughing and won't be able to fall asleep!

The lanes!

silly little extras

My DIY obsession is taking over. Jake made some adorable rehearsal dinner invitations for us. Upon stuffing them into their envelopes, I realized that we HAD to have an invite to the actual rehearsal. Yes, an email to the wedding party would have done just as well, but I just got Photoshop for my birthday and I can't help but use it at every opportunity.

Isn't she cute? I kinda love her, even though she is totally superfluous.

Thank you, istockphoto, for giving me something fun to work with.

happy friday!

I will get back to some previously scheduled wedding posts in just a bit, but I thought you all would enjoy this.

Claire Huxtable was absolutely my icon growing up. I wanted to be a lawyer, just like her, and live in a cool downtown home. I remember the scene, where she is giving the business to Sondra's husband Elvin, vividly, because it made my little 10 year old self think "duh, why wouldn't it be that way?" Elvin was such a knucklehead.
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