Tuesday, August 26, 2008

lara miller

My sister started working as an intern for Chicago designer Lara Miller last spring. She was getting paid in clothes, and brought home an adorable dress one day. With all the weddings that I attended this summer, I had my eye out for something comfortable and versatile that I could wear more than once. This one was perfect, because it was not only black and made of soft fabrics, I could wear it over and over again without wearing the same dress twice.

These are all "Erin."

And this is me in Erin at two different weddings. I don't have that many great pictures, but you get the idea.

I actually thought it would make a great bridesmaid dress. Lara uses natural products like bamboo and seaweed to construct her materials.

Elise told me that Lara had been entered in a contest on Ideablob. She is in the running to win $10,000 to help keep her business going, although she is planning on donating $2,000 from the proceeds for AIDS research. Please go check the contest and her Etsy site out. I love the idea of supporting a local designer, but her contribution to AIDS research and her adorable designs have really inspired me to vote.


  1. Thank you so much Natalie and thank you so much in advance to all of your readers for your vote on www.ideablob.com. Natalie your blog is great and I LOVED seeing the pictures of you in your "erin"! So funny that I had been a reader even before Elise told me about i heart peonies, your ideas have been so inspiring as I begin to plan my own wedding!

    THANK YOU! Lara

  2. CONGRATULATIONS on your big day!! Hope everything goes fabulously and that you don't see this note until much later!


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