Tuesday, August 12, 2008

the other love of my life, my invites

Now that the invites are out and RSVP's are streaming in, I can share the beautiful design from Margot of Atelier Isabey with my internet friends.

It KILLS me to blot part of that out.

Hello, Maisy! What a good girl.

I absolutely love them. I asked for vintage garden and Margot nailed it perfectly. We were even able to include a few very personal touches, such as the chandelier to match those hanging in Cafe Brauer and my little Maisy on the RSVP card.

Although I had (thank God) decided against making my own invites, I still had to sneak in a few handmade touches.

My mom, sister and I made the little fabric pockets to use as the inner envelope. My original plan was to buy muslin and stamp a monogram on the back, peeking out when you opened the outer envelope. When looking for muslin, my mom and I found this fabric at JoAnn's and thought it was perfect. We scrapped the stamp, but I might save that for a future party.

Jake made these sweet little map cards. He matched the colors perfectly with our invites.

And the calligraphy.

Please ignore the little smudge.

What a relief to have that all complete!


  1. i love love love them! my favorite part is your doggie in there. what a beautiful, tastfully done, way to incorporate her. i love the name maisy, too. i can't believe your big day is so close! then it's off the maui, right?

  2. These are just beautiful. Job well done :)

  3. Beautiful! Just an fyi. You blocked the date out on the invite, but it's showing on the map.

  4. they are gorgeous!

  5. these are beautiful! i loooove that maisey is on them! i started freelance photographing for botanicals, and i was just at cafe brauer a few weeks ago to shoot the set up of the room and its gorgeous there! i cant wait to see photos from your big day! and i cant believe its almost here! hooray!

  6. These invitations are beautiful. They are very similar to what i imagine having at my own wedding one day. And I love love the puppy the most!

  7. oh good lord those are gorgeous invites - i can see why you couldn't wait to get them!

  8. They're beautiful! Great job on the personal touches.

  9. these are lovely - just lovely. You must be so happy with how they came out!!

  10. What BEAUTIFUL invites!!! I love that they are unique to you!


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