Saturday, October 4, 2008

another sneaky peek

This photo captures all of my bridesmaids before we head into the photo booth. My sister Elise realized, perhaps for the first time that night, that her family had just tripled in size. She was calling Jake's sisters "SISSSTA!!!" and brothers-in-law "BROOOTHER!!!" all night, and they were serving it right back to her. I believe this photo was taken mid-sister chant, with my bridesmaids chiming in.

Elise, with the cute Twigs & Honey hair piece, and Vicki in the center.
Image from Thorsen Photography


  1. i LOVE this photo and the story makes it so much better. the happiness is so evident. it makes me want to go back to my wedding day-- or go to yours! :)

  2. Where did you get your bridesmaid dresses? I am having the hardest time finding ones that I love but those are beautiful!

  3. Thank you! We were totally happy. I think I had that smile on my face all night.

    The bridesmaids dresses are from Simple Silhouettes. They each picked out their own style and I chose the color. I bought them from Vegas to Venice in Lincoln Park. Good luck!


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