Thursday, October 2, 2008

the secrets: paper, v. 1

Two comments to preface this post. All photos by Dean Thorsen, all paper from the Paper Source. My two BFFs. This is a glimpse into all of our DIY goodies!

Say hello to the winner of the "this shouldn't take very long... and then it does" award. My menus.

I used to LOVE making fortune tellers when I was in grade school. We would write silly things like "You will marry Kermit the Frog" on the inside and giggle, while secretly wondering if it could be true. When I saw Darcy's suggestion for a fun cocktail party game, I knew I had to have it. Chicago knottie katvon was also inspired and kindly sent me her template. My dad helped me use Visio to make it my own as I couldn't find an appropriate program on my Mac. The design ended up being pretty straightforward.

Folding 200 of them... not so much. I never thought I would say this, but I heart my bone folder. I could not have made it through without her. In the end, the menus were fabulous and my guests loved them. They also looked pretty cute on their napkins.

Next up, my programs.

Here was my inspiration, from the Bride's Cafe.

And here are mine. Please pretend that there are pretty, swooshy last names instead of big white blocks.

This was truly a team effort. I wrote the program and laid out the format in PowerPoint. Jake messed it up when he tried to re-do it in Word, and then he and my dad recreated it in PowerPoint, printed, cut and folded them (with the bone folder!). My mom sewed them closed. I lurved them so!

This post got a little too long, so look out for round two- escort cards, table numbers and a few other little goodies.


  1. all so wonderful! i love the pete townsend quote!

  2. i too, would be LOST without my bone folder.

    whenever i have an intern here who has never used, seen or heard of one, i make them go to the paper source with me and i buy them one!

  3. oh how adorable! and i am SO glad you did not try to fold those all by hand, i have problems folding up one of those alone!

  4. Everything turned out so nice! I love my bone folder too :)


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