Friday, February 27, 2009

moving weekend!

We closed on our new home the day before the wedding. Amid all the wedding craziness, Jake and I were back and forth with our realtor on closing costs and final offers. But, close we did and after six months of renovations we are finally moving in.

It is not yet complete, but here is a preview of the changes. These photos are actually several weeks old. I will need to take more tomorrow before the house is full of boxes! We do have paint on the walls and running water, no worries.

Before. You can't tell, but the stucco was falling off in several places around the house.

After. Hubba hubba! We opened up the porch. There are now three columns in arts and crafts style siding welcoming you to the home.

Before. Ew.

After. The pedestal sink is quite lovely, as are the light fixtures that are now hanging on either side of the medicine cabinet.

A close-up on our honeycomb tiles before they put the bathroom fixtures in.

Before. Note the glass block windows. And the lovely floors- we kept those :)

After. Fireplace! Stained glass! Yay!

A close-up of our pretty windows.

More later- and moving tips are welcome!


  1. wow! what a difference. i love the renovations and particularly love your new bathtub. yay for moving! no tips other than unpack ASAP. otherwise, you'll end up like us... with stuff still in boxes 1 year later. ha!

  2. Gorgeous! I have to ask -- what is the paint color in the bathroom? We are looking for something very very similar... you have the perfect color, not too seafoam-y!

  3. Love this house!! I aspire to have an Arts and Crafts style house someday.

  4. I can't wait to see more. I love what you did to the porch!

  5. Thanks, you all. After six months of sleepless nights I need all the reassurance that I can get.

    ellekay- It is saybrook sage by Benjamin Moore (historic colors) and I LOVE it! If you live in the Chicagoland area, I have two cans too many and I would be happy to sell them to you!

  6. I AM SO JEALOUS! This is like my dream house, you have done such an amazing job, I can not wait to see more pictures!

  7. woah, this is what I've been needing.

    our lease is up in june and the wedding is july 10th.

    it's either buy our dream home, or wait another year.

    It's nice to know someone survived the extra stress of buying,renovating,moving, and wedding...

  8. I have that honeycomb tile in the bathroom in my apartment, which I just happen to be moving out of THIS weekend ! Good luck getting everything together ! Your new windows are super cute ! and I wish I had a claw foot tub LOVE THEM !

  9. I LOVE the bathroom, that clawfoot tub rocks! Post more pictures and big congrats on moving in, it must feel like a huge weight is lifted just to be sleeping there now! ;)

  10. Its beautiful! I can only hope our first home is so cute and welcoming.

  11. Awesome remodel! I so want to do my own one day...

    Sara Gray


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