Thursday, May 7, 2009

a dress for my mother, part 1

My mom and I share clothes. Well, if we are being honest, I steal her clothes. We have very similar taste and gravitate toward the same stores and styles. She is a few inches shorter than me, leaving most pants off limits, but tops and dresses are fair game. I was one of the lucky girls who actually liked the clothes that my mother bought me for my birthday. I never imagined that shopping for her "mother of the bride" dress would be such a challenge.

What is with all the jackets? For a fancy event, Mom might grab a cardigan or wrap to keep herself warm at night. The matching jacket is kind of a conservative move. It definitely works for some women and it sometimes adds a little style to the ensemble. I get this look- although maybe not in that color!

My mom, however, is not a dress and jacket kind of lady. We wanted something flattering and fun. Something cocktail length, nothing strapless, nothing too short or low cut and no black (mom's decision). She also didn't want to spend more than a few hundred dollars. This is what we found.


All are lovely, but none were suited to my mom. A little too country club, not enough 50's dance hall. We did most of our research online and bought a few/returned a few. Next time, I can show you the dress and her runner-up.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

mother of the wedding fashion show

For the Chicago readers-

CS Brides and A'Lamour are offering a fashion show for the mommas! My mom and I had such a hard time trying to find her dress and I know others are in the same boat. I thought this might help- or at very least provide a list of new sources. There might even be a few dresses that don't come with a matching jacket!

A L'Amour & CS Brides present the Mothers of the Wedding Fashion Show

Sunday, May 17th

Fashion Show at A L'Amour

236 West Northwest Highway | Barrington

Featuring selections from Alyce, Cameron Blake, Daymor, Damianou, Jade, Jade Couture, Jovani, Modern Trousseau, Montage, Rina di Montella and introducing a new resource, Marisa Baratelli.

Please call for time and additional information. Limited Seating and Reservations Required


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

pretty hairpieces

Anthropologie has a few bridal worthy and cost-effective hairpieces on their site. I love how frilly and feminine they are- although the Lilac Breeze Barrette does come in black and a lovely shade of yellow.
I saw the Duchess Headband while out shopping on Monday. The metallic thread and glass beading give it a little more sparkle than it might appear in the photo.
I love the vintage looking lace on the Honeysuckle Headband. The glass buttons also glam it up a bit.
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