Thursday, October 8, 2009

speedier thank you notes?

I love a handwritten note, and I enjoy writing them. I think a poorly written thank you is better than a typed one. I still thought FontCapture was kind of a neat idea- particularly for brides. You fill out a template, scan it in and you can create your own font. A little thank you note at the back of your programs, or your signature on the menu, would be more personal than a swirly font. It could work for holiday cards or valentines.

Our scanner is being crabby, so I can't test it out, but here is a sample from the site:

At the very least, it would be fun to make your own font. Would you consider using this for thank you notes?

Friday, October 2, 2009

broke-ass bride's wedding in a week!

If you haven't been over to the Broke-Ass Bride yet, I definitely recommend that you go! She is doing a full week of fabulous giveaways. DIY facials, favors, aisle runners- everything you could need and all yours for the taking! Her blog isn't so hard to read either. She is one funny lady!

I particularly love the wedding map giveaway courtesy of Pantomime Papers.

Colorful and fun, these maps are guaranteed to knock your guests socks off. Good luck!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

erica barraca photography

My friend and former coworker Erica had a hobby of taking beautiful photographs of friends and family. Everyone has been begging her to make a real business of her immense talent, and she has finally done it! Here is her lovely website with some examples of her work. Congrats, Erica!
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