Friday, January 29, 2010

Indie Wed Today!

My mom, newly engaged sister, 6 week old baby and I are all headed to the Indie Wed event in Chicago today. I am pretty jazzed about it as 1) I haven't been able to go to a wedding event in months, and I (not so) secretly love them, 2) it is at the relatively new Ravenswood Event Center, which I have been wanting to visit and 3) we are going to lunch at my favorite place beforehand. Favorite place= Chicago Bagel Authority, a deli in Lincoln Park and a lovely reminder of my college years. I have Groupons!

I am also pretty excited about the vendor list. Some of my favorites are on there, including Toast & Jam (DJ's), Tipsy Cake and Audey (dresses). And hello, Glazed Chicago Donuts! I should probably bring my toothbrush with me...

From what I can tell, tickets are still available at the door. If you can't make it, I promise to report back on what I find!

tweet tweet!

After much delay, I gave in and started a Twitter account last fall. Jake was an "early adopter" and kept talking it up. I was convinced that I didn't need another distraction. Apparently, I was wrong. I just love that I can get a little more out of some of my favorite writers and it helps me keep up with my internet friends. How else could I find out that almost every bee who got married around the same time as me was also knocked up?

Anyway, follow me! I will follow you back :)

Someone is squatting on and it makes me sad.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

news, news, news...

Hello internets! A belated Happy 2010!

So much happened in 2009. I wrote a bit about moving into our new home. Shortly after we moved in, something so life changing happened that I fell off the face of the blogosphere. Jake and I got pregnant- EEEE! The combination of horrendous morning sickness, working crazy hours and still trying to finish our home led to me neglecting my beloved blog.

The biggest thing to happen in 2009 was our little Eloise, who arrived on December 18th. Isn't she lovely?

She was born quickly (read: shot out like a high speed train) and in perfect health. We could not feel more fortunate. Our top notch wedding photographer, Dean Thorsen, decided to create a family and kids business and he was kind enough to come photograph Eloise at 8 hours old. Here she is with her mommy and daddy. More photos here.

I also decided to throw in a little extra stress by starting my own business. You might have noticed a change if you visited the homepage for i heart peonies. The site is still in its infancy as we are working on adding photos and playing with design, but it was so exciting to get it up and working. Thanks to my loving husband, father of my child, for building it! After years of planning non-profit events, designing flower arrangements and drowning in all things wedding, I made the plunge and became a wedding coordinator.

Through word of mouth, I found my first clients shortly after announcing my decision. Lucky for me, they have all been lovely, innovative and happy to let me run with it. I love, love, love my job. LOVE. I have taken some time off to take care of the new addition to our family, but things are starting to gear up for 2010! More on that, later.

The last big piece of news is that my little sister got engaged at the end of the year. She and her fiance had been dating since they were juniors in high school. Even though they are youngins, the most common reaction to their engagement was "Finally!" She had been playing it coy, probably out of fear that I would inundate her with wedding craziness, but she is now knee-deep in great ideas. It sounds like their wedding might be a little country, a little rock n roll, with lots of vintage details. Their engagement enabled me to brave my Google reader. It had been bursting with gorgeous wedding ideas for months and I had only checked my favorites, but now I am discovering lots and lots of great new writers and new ideas!

I am hoping to write while E naps going forward. Here's to lots of naps and lots of posts in 2010!
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