Friday, January 29, 2010

Indie Wed Today!

My mom, newly engaged sister, 6 week old baby and I are all headed to the Indie Wed event in Chicago today. I am pretty jazzed about it as 1) I haven't been able to go to a wedding event in months, and I (not so) secretly love them, 2) it is at the relatively new Ravenswood Event Center, which I have been wanting to visit and 3) we are going to lunch at my favorite place beforehand. Favorite place= Chicago Bagel Authority, a deli in Lincoln Park and a lovely reminder of my college years. I have Groupons!

I am also pretty excited about the vendor list. Some of my favorites are on there, including Toast & Jam (DJ's), Tipsy Cake and Audey (dresses). And hello, Glazed Chicago Donuts! I should probably bring my toothbrush with me...

From what I can tell, tickets are still available at the door. If you can't make it, I promise to report back on what I find!


  1. Stop by the Inspired Goodness booth to say hello -- that's my fabulous sis-in-law (and my brother may be there keeping her company!). Have fun :)

  2. Brooke- I said hello to her and your brother. Their booth was adorable! They did a great job. I hope they had some good traffic!


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