Friday, February 12, 2010

heart shaped pastas

First came love...

Valentine's Day is extra special to me, as it was Valentine's Day weekend, 2005, that Jake and I went on our first date after 18 months of flirting. The 14th often gets left by the wayside, and happily so. Today, the 12th, is the day we actually celebrate. Five years ago today, Jake took me to Mia Francesca on the north side of Chicago for a love themed meal. I had heart shaped raviolis, a yummy glass of Cabernet and the best first date on record. My face hurt from laughing before the entrees arrived; I knew I was going to marry him before our second date. I even told my mom.

Then came marriage...

This day is a tie with the day E was born as the best day of my life.

Then came baby.

The 14th will carry extra significance this year, as our little girl will be baptized Catholic. She will be wearing a beautiful lace gown, passed down through Jake's family, and a bonnet that my Grammy gave to me before I was baptized. Eloise was Grammy's middle name and I love that she will be with us on Sunday. I am pretty jazzed to be throwing my little love a party, and on Valentine's Day no less! Love will be all around.

All photos by our favorite photog, Dean Thorsen.


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