Thursday, January 13, 2011

indie wed 2011

Mom, Elise, Eloise and I are heading back to Indie Wed in a few short weeks! We had such an amazing time last year and collected a few goodies. I think Elise found some wedding inspiration last time, but now that her wedding is only eight months out, she might be on more of a hunt. Who is joining us?

Here are my summary posts from last year.

This year, they added Bride and Groom Lounges, staffed by local salons. I am very curious to see what this is about! I am also looking forward to getting to know a few vendors. Dressmaker Lindee Daniel looks interesting. She is a green vendor, creating flowing and unique gowns from sustainable materials. Her site is still under construction, but I found a few photos from her show for New York Bridal Week.

I also might linger at the Tipsycake booth. Yummmm....

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

photographing the city of love

Sneaking back into the party like I never left... shhh...

Sweet, whimsical and definitely romantic, Irene Suchocki's photographs of Paris are begging me to visit.

The artist turns the lights of Paris into love with a special camera lens. She can adjust the color to suit your tastes. Her shop includes valentines and a variety of print sizes. This in a FoundRe frame would make a perfect Valentine's Day gift.

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