Monday, April 4, 2011

black heels to tractor wheels, part 2

More questions from The Pioneer Woman's book!

(Samantha) What did you think of Marlboro Man's proposal? How would you feel if you were proposed to like that?

Their relationship was such a whirlwind, it just seemed to fit. It was like they were in a big hurry to start their lives together. It didn't fit his personality to come up with a big surprise. My husband proposed in a really thoughtful and romantic way. Not that I didn't love it, but I would have said yes and I would have been thrilled if he had just asked while we were watching TV. Its hard to say... I'm just glad he asked.

(Samantha) She wrote a lot about never riding in a pickup truck before and how she used to judge girls who rode in the middle. After being with Marlboro Man she felt differently and actually wanted to ride in the middle. How do you feel about that? Have you ever judged somebody and then after learning more, regret that you had judged them?

I think she was always jealous! If she was swept away by just seeing the backside of the Marlboro Man in the bar, she must have had a thing for cowboys. She was most likely not allowed to do such a thing- either by her parents or society. I think that is totally understandable. Being a mom has made me retract a lot of judgments, particularly over kids with messy hair or food on their faces. Also, personality has just as much to do with temper tantrums as parenting skills. I have been humbled more often than not and I laugh about the way I used to look at frazzled moms!

(mcbracey) Do you wonder what Ree is doing all day? How is she financially making it? Is she really just waiting around all day to meet up with Marlboro man at night?

I got the impression that she was packing for Chicago up until about the time he proposed. I'm assuming that her parents were taking care of her financially. She might have been looking for jobs- both in Tulsa and Chicago.  Maybe she was just watching a lot of movies and dreaming of her cowboy...

(mcbracey) Would you let your now husband duck out of your reception to watch a football game?

Probably not, at least not for an extended period of time, but we did consider what sporting events might be occurring when we picked the date of our wedding! I also think they were still so lovey over each other, she would have let him get away with anything.

(Erin) So many embarrassing things have happened to Ree in front of Marlboro Man. What is the most embarrassing story that comes to mind when you think of embarrassing things that have happened to you in front of a significant other?

This book has brought out a lot of personal questions! I do embarrass myself, but most of the good stuff happened before I met my husband. I did pinch him this weekend after he stole my phone to snoop on plans for his birthday. We were out to lunch with his parents. He cursed loudly and nearly fell out of his chair, most of Panera was looking at us. I didn't mean to pinch him that hard! His parents must think I am abusive.

(Erin) How would you have reacted to being around for the prairie fire?

My family had a house fire when I was in high school. I was the only one home and had to call the fire department. I don't think I would have reacted well to being in the middle of the flames again.
(Rachel) There have been so many funny little stories along the way in the book. What has been your favorite? Any favorite lines?

I just love how sweaty she is! Her blog is so honest, a little crass, and so real. The book has polished her stories to a shine. The sweaty comments and stories remind me why I love her writing. The story about the family wedding and the beautiful suit made me giggle. I loved picturing her in the bathroom, stripped, trying to cool off, and of course the Marlboro Man comes looking for her. 

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