Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hooray! Inspired Creations Contest!

Over Thanksgiving weekend, I received a really wonderful surprise. Along with a small team of my favorite wedding friends, Pemberley Events was chosen to be part of the Inspired Creations Contest at Indie Wed! Indie Wed is wonderful wedding event with local, "indie" vendors. Its the Etsy of wedding events. My sister found her ceremony musician- the very talented Neil Dixon Smith- there last year. I wrote a few posts after the 2010 show on the blog after meeting some really fabulous artists. I am still obsessed with Small Objects and Layer Cake Shop.

Anywho, meet the very talented "Come Fly with Us" team!

Viviana from Petal Play Designs Viv has become our family florist, so I am a bit biased, but she rules. If you want your flowers to look unlike anything you have ever seen, if you want a florist who cares- passionately- about perfect decor, if you want to enjoy every vendor meeting, Viv is your woman. Oh, and I can't leave her shop without buying something awesome.

Rachel from Image Icon Photography Rachel will running what might be the coolest part of our booth... maybe, I'm not sure. Our booth is going to be pretty dang awesome. Rachel will be providing some awesome photography that you will be able to interactively enjoy. Aside from being our teammate, Rachel is an accomplished and savvy photographer.

Renee from 11 Eureka Boutique. In addition to running a well curated and adorable shop, Renee is an bottomless pit of creativity. She makes some super cool fascinators- which Viv sells in her shop. She also seems to have an endless supply of oddities and crafty supplies. During our meetings, Renee always comes up with the solution to a problem with "Oh! My Grandpa can make that" or "Oh! I just picked one of those up at a flea market." I really need to visit her garage.

I will introduce our inspiration board in the next post. I hope that you can join us at Indie Wed to see it in action!

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