Thursday, February 23, 2012

Elise Bergman dresses

My sister, Elise, has always had an interest in fashion. After graduating from college, she decided to try and make a career out of it. She landed a pretty sweet job with a group, run by the city of Chicago, that helps local designers start and grow their business. She was able to meet some really amazing people and bulk up her already deep closet. Elise Bergman was one of her new friends. Elise asked Elise (who also has a sister named Natalie!) to design her bridesmaid dresses.
My sister wanted something unique and flattering, in shades of grey. At our fitting/dress selection, Elise made it so easy by handing us a card, covered in swatches, and asking us to pick one. We all tried on several dresses and found the most fun and flattering. Elise measured us up for a great fit. Here we are, all pretty and not-too-matchy. 

Elise was great to work with and I love my dress. She has so many fabrics and colors- solids and patterns. If you are having a hard time finding something great out there, consider custom.


  1. I just LOVE all the different hues of shoes:) All of you ladies look like it was a great event!

  2. Great post, so many brides will appreciate this! What is the price range?

  3. @vivie- Competitive with the other popular brands. It depends on the dress/fabric, but I think between $250-350.

  4. Thanks for the write-up, Natalie! Loved working with you, Elise, and team.

  5. I enjoyed my visit to your lovely blog! Hugs, Katherine

  6. Great blog and pictures! I love these bridesmaids dresses. And what reasonable prices! Great find, thanks.

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