Friday, March 15, 2013

Martha Stewart Wedding Show

I was lucky to be able to attend the Martha Stewart Wedding Show with the Wedding Library this past weekend. I have had a crush on Darcy Miller (MSW's editorial director) since I was engaged a million years ago. She has a lot of fun ideas and a really fun- can I call her spunky?- personality. I always thought she brought the best out of Martha when they were together on her show. Once, I got to see the show and it was pretty awesome.

I sat in the back, a bad habit that I picked up during grad school, during Darcy's presentation and panel. Hence the horrible photo. I'm only posting because I liked the light fixtures at the Radisson Blu. Darcy discussed how to personalize your wedding. This is my specialty and passion, so my ears perked up. She gave out some really amazing ideas, but nothing great for the budget conscious bride. I really don't think you need to buy stock in Etsy to personalize your wedding. However, every expensive idea has a cheap cousin and I took notes. I'll have to save those for another post.

There was a panel featuring a few representatives from the Chicago area. Ami from Elizabeth Anne Designs really (I think) stole the show. She has read through so many real weddings, been to quite a few conferences and met a thousand brides, so she has a good pulse on trends.

The vendor room was chock full of inspiration and goodies. Here are a few of my favorites.

These two displays by HMR Design Group were right up my alley. The arrangement under the bell jar reminded me of my Indie Wed booth. I love how all the little chamomile daisies look grouped together. The chairs on the tablescape were AMAZING. They looked like barnwood, but were much more comfortable and you don't have to make them yourself. The whole table was a cool mix of textures and colors.

Here is the adorable Natalie Walsh from Hello Darling. Yes, her outfit matched her decor. The linens were really unique and that piece behind her lights up. What a cool bar!

I've gotten a few cakes from Alliance Bakery and they've always been delicious, not to mention pretty. That cake on display was hand painted. My group had to stop and stare for a bit. The samples were on these really neat little disposable trays that I had to photograph. I like reusable stuff for the most part. For the right event, however, disposable is the way to go. These would work so nicely for appetizers.

The highlight of the show was the moment that Darcy Miller asked me to photograph her and the women from For Your Party (love that shop) with her phone. I really need to get over this! She must not have been happy with my photography skills (can you blame her?! Look above) because I can't find that photo posted anywhere. I'll keep an eye out and report back if I can dig it up.

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