Friday, May 3, 2013

Picking the Right Dress

When looking at wedding dresses, I was totally anxious. There is so much pressure to pick the perfect dress. So when we went shopping, I was overly critical of every detail and dragged my mom, sister, niece and at one point my brother and his girlfriend around Chicago AND New York trying to pick out a dress. After shopping some local boutiques in Chicago, I made a trip out to New York with my mom, sister and her 6 month old, Eloise. My brother, Charlie and his girlfriend, Sasha, lived in New York at the time so they tagged along for a day of dress shopping at Kleinfelds and Lovely Bride. Say Yes to the Dress was pretty big when I was dress shopping so we started at Kleinfelds. I tried on a bunch of very vintage feeling Jenny Packham and Claire Pettibone gowns but wasn’t in love with anything enough to commit. Lovely Bride was probably the cutest boutique I’ve ever been to in my life. I so badly wanted to find something there but we walked out empty handed.

Images via Jenny Packham (left), Claire Pettibone (right)

After failing in New York, I did some serious thinking about what I actually wanted in a dress. I wanted the dress to feel like me and not like I was playing dress up. Natalie, my mom and I made one more trip in Chicago to Ultimate Bride. I was feeling pretty defeated until I slipped into one last dress of the day- a silk chiffon, Grecian style Lela Rose dress. It felt like heaven on. It weighed absolutely nothing and was lined in silk. I was so comfortable and didn’t want to take it off. I was done. On my wedding day, I felt the same way- totally comfortable, ready to dance and run around. Ultimately for me, comfort was the biggest deciding factor. What made you decide on your dress?

Wedding photography by Harrison Studio

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  1. You certainly did pick the 'right' dress. It was absolutely beautiful!

    I think some of the anxiety about choosing the right one is because we only want to get married once. So, it *has* to be perfect.

    When I got married, I designed my own dress and had it made. I loved it. I was able to choose every little detail right down to the perfect fabric-it was an ivory silk velvet.

    So having your dress made is a great option as well!


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